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My first week of the #100DaysOfCode challenge

Last weekend I decided to join the 100 days of code challenge created by Alexander Kallaway and this is what I have learned so far.

  • To keep up a good "flow" I should focus more on core functionality than design.
  • How to fit and center a background image with CSS.
  • How to create jQuery plugins
  • Requesting JSONP with jQuery
  • Finished the Weather App project at FreeCodeCamp
  • Started on the Wikipedia Viewer App project at FreeCodeCamp

So far all good. I even tried to code on the airplane on the way to my girlfriend parents. Unfortunately the wifi was to bad too get any work done. So I finished my hour of code later that day instead.

See you next week for an update or if you want to follow my progress check out my log at github.

My first week of the #100DaysOfCode challenge
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