Ghost recently released a new version (0.7 at the moment) that I of course wanted to test out. But I am running on OpenShift, and I am using their OpenShift Ghost Quickstart which is currently using version 0.6.4. This is a quick guide how to upgrade to the OpenShift Quickstart to use Ghost version 0.7.0 instead.

1. Backup, backup

First of you need to be careful doing stuff like upgrading your blog, so be sure to backup your data or any changes you done.

To backup your data go to Labs and click on Export. This will export your settings and your content to a json file that you can import if you need to.

2. Git Clone

If you already have a clone of your blog you can skip to the next step.


First of all you need to install git if you does not have it. The latest version of git can be downloaded from here. It is a simple installer that does not take long to install.


To clone your blog you need to know the repository url. To retrieve the url, you need to sign in to your OpenShift account.

After you sign in you will be listed with your applications, click on your blog. On the application page for your blog, look for a field to the right named Source Code containing an url that starts with ssh://.

Copy the repository url and open a Command Prompt, then type git clone <repository_url> <directory to create>.

  • Where <repository_url> is the url you copied from your OpenShift application.

  • Where <directory to create> is the full path on your file system where you want your blog to be cloned to.

3. Update

The update is not that hard, because OpenShift Ghost Quickstart has ghost as an NPM dependency we can simply update the package.json file, to depend on Ghost 0.7.0 instead of 0.6.4. So go to the directory of your cloned blog, and open up the package.json file, and change the dependencies to the following:

"dependencies": {
    "ghost": "^0.7.0"

After that run the update command:

npm update

4. Git push

You now have to push your changes to OpenShift and you can do that using git, just remember to backup before!

First you need to open a command prompt in your blog directory and type the following commands:

  1. git add -A
  2. git commit -m "Updated ghost to 0.7.0" (you can change 'Updated ghost to 0.7.0 to whatever commit message you want)
  3. git push

After that you just have to wait for OpenShift to do the rest of the work.